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  • YOGA FOR SURFERS - Cait - 45min

    Inspired by the ebbs and flow of nature, this class focuses on function over aesthetics, blending mindful movement with intention breathwork, often incorporating self-massage and meditation into your group classes.

    Join the Whatsapp Group to chat to Cait and other participants during the class: ...

  • STRENGTH TRAINING - Cath - 45min

    Liberating, energizing, and empowering! This class will help you increase self awareness and create that connection between the body and the mind. A multi-dimensional approach which involves:

    - working functionality to get through everyday life
    - mind training
    - building strength and endurance

  • GINASTICA NATURAL - Erika - 45min

    Ginastica Natural is a full bodyweight training method from Brazil that combines ground work from jiu-jitsu, movement and breath from yoga, and animal motion from...nature! Develop your coordination, agility, mobility, fluidity, core strength, power and absolute presence, making you a more comple...