• 28-Day Rewire your Eating Habits Program

    2 videos

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    A detailed 4-week program that provides a weekly shopping plan, a mapped out cooking schedule, a collection of nutritious recipes (mainly plant based with the option to add in an...

  • Surfskate Program

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  • Introduction to Menstrual Cycle Awareness

    9 seasons

    This workshop series will introduce you to the power of your menstrual cycle; something that is definitely lacking from most female health education. Georgia Goodhew (@fempoweredflow) is here to help.

    Did you know we are hardwired to experience four distinct phases of our cycles and that each p...

  • 8-Week Surf + Yoga Program

    6 seasons

    With five years of surf and yoga retreats under our belts and two years offering online classes, we’ve come to realize something: there are many women out there who wants to get moving, but who lack direction or tools to stay consistent. Sounds like you? This is exactly why we’ve designed this 8-...

  • Get Started - Surf Training

    6 seasons

    You're new at working out and don't know where to start? This 3-week bodyweight program combines functional and core exercises that will enhance your mobility, strength and endurance. There's 3 workouts per week: a full body workout, an upper body workout and a lower body workout. For each one, w...

  • Get Started - Yoga

    4 videos

    New to yoga? Great, we've got you! Here are 4 classes designed to help you start on the right foot. First with an intro to yoga philosophy, followed by simple sequences breaking down the basic postures and explanations on how to optimize your breath. Welcome :)

  • Journey to Inversions Series

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