"As I developed a career in the fast-paced film, music and media industries, a deep need for balance made me discover and study all that I could about this medicine we call Breathwork. Still a full-time producer, I now offer sessions to help individuals learn how to breathe effectively and create optimum conditions to restore their health and wellbeing. Knowing that my trials and tribulations can serve as lessons to guide others in a path to least resistance fills my heart with a profound sense of fulfilment."

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  • BREATHWORK - Gabby - 30min

    A 30 minute breathwork, where you will be held in a safe and sacred space to support you through your own transformational journey of self-discovery and recovery, as well as achieve a greater sense of self awareness.

    Join the Whatsapp Group to chat to Gabby and other participants during the cla...

  • Workshop: Journaling prompts to reframe your life story by Gabby Mather

    “Your story does not define you, and it’s never too late to change its course. take it back, make it your own.”

    Storytelling is central to human existence. Every known culture has been using it for thousands of years as a means to communicate, entertain and educate the members of their communit...

  • Journaling Prompts to Reframe your Life Story Workbook

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    This is the accompanying PDF for the Journaling Prompts to Reframe your Life Story by Gabby Mather