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  • Skating is for Mothers: Episode 1 w/ Caitlin Creeper

    It's 2024 and your host Caitlin Creeper is back with the solo episodes, but this year with a bit of a twist. The solo episodes will be more topic focused, and to kick off the year we bring you Skating is for Mothers: a Mini-Series of Skating Moms Around the World.

    In this episode Caitlin herself...

  • Skating is for Mothers: Episode 4 w/ @amy_molloy

    Hello and welcome to the Salty Club podcast, and episode 4 of this mini series, Skating is for Mothers. Because it is. It was made for us.

    Today you will be hearing from Amy Molloy, she's an author, editor and holistic writing coach, founder of lightwriter media, and creator of course The Book W...

  • Skating is for Mothers: Episode 2 w/ @sk8ter_mom

    Welcome to our second episode of our mini-series Skating is for Mothers, today we are here with Jenn, aka @sk8ter_mom!
    Drop in with some of your favourite Moms who Skate on the internet to learn a bit about their story, when and why they started and how skating affects and influences how they mot...

  • Erika Drolet: Do the Hard Things So Living Gets Easier

    You can run, swim, dive, fly. You are amazing. You have untapped potential in you that would blow your mind.” – Laird Hamilton

    This week Caitlin Creeper sits down with Salty Club Co-Founder Erika Drolet to talk about her (relatively) newfound love story with trail running.

    They talk about:


  • Hana Jung: How to Actually be Okay with the Unknown

    Meet Hana Jung! She is the “Chief Connector” of Re:Boot Experiences on a mission to scale love through deeper connection.

    She facilitates connection in 3 key areas: to inner power and intuition, to the higher purpose in life, and to a global community of compassionate seekers.

    But she wasn't al...

  • Cath Medeiros: You Are Who You've Been Waiting for

    Join this conversation with your host Caitlin Creeper and Athlete, Salty Club trainer, creator of our Strength with Weights series and all-around inspirational human Catherine Medeiros.

    In this honest interview, Cath talks about:

    What she learnt during her bobsled career; specifically the Olymp...

  • Podcast: Marie-Philippe Jean- Recalibrating After Your Life Changes Forever

    Out of nowhere- your life changes forever. Suddenly you're not sure who you are, where you stand, what to do, or where to go from here.

    Join your host Caitlin Creeper and storyteller, movement teacher, podcast host and cancer survivor Marie-Philippe Jean @mariephilippejean in an honest conversat...

  • Reyanne Mustafa: Art Activism, Lifelong Sustainability, and Closing Chapters

    Dive into the world of art activism and sustainability with the remarkable @reyannemustafa in our latest podcast episode with your host @caitlincreeper. Join us as we explore her journey from TEDx stages to collecting cigarette butts in her bedroom for art pieces, and her unique approach to envir...

  • Reality of Building A Dream House Overseas with Founders Erika, MC and Caitlin

    I just want to run away to a faraway country, start a new life and build a house on the beach... if you've thought about it, you're not alone. Today all 3 founders of The Salty Club, Caitlin, MC and Erika sit down to answer all your questions about the reality of building that beachside house ove...

  • Interview: The 'Boss Babe' Era is Over- Here's What Comes Next with Ale Romo

    Today's interview guest is Ale Romo (@ale.romoo.) Ale has been working with The Salty Club for over a year now, she is our collaborations and PR woman, a surfer, savvy traveler, yoga teacher, and lifestyle photographer. She spends her time chasing sunny days, and dreamy coastlines around the worl...

  • Interview: Thriving After an Abusive Relationship with Alex Scot

    What are some misconceptions about women who get into abusive relationships with a narcissist? Why can people not "just leave," as they're so often urged to do? Join Narcissistic Abuse Healing Coach and Narcissistic Abuse Survivor Alex Scot @thealexscot and Salty Club Podcast host Caitlin Creeper...

  • Building your inner champion

    Motivation talk with coach Cath - Week 3

  • You see what you already believe

    Motivation talk with coach Cath

  • The road to power and success is in taking responsibility

    Motivation talk with coach Cath - Week 2

  • 4 Easy tips to master your morning and win your day

    Motivation talk with coach Cath

  • You have untapped potential that would blow your mind

    Motivation speech with Erika - Week 1

  • Coffee With Cait; Changing My Mind on Everything, Everywhere

    In this episode of coffee with Cait, Caitlin spends some time breaking down why she stopped sharing her stories as she used to, and freely speaks

  • Coffee with Cait: My 29th birthday breakdown

    In this episode of Coffee with Cait; Caitlin talks about how her 29th birthday took an unexpected swandive, and the cool stuff she learnt through being miserable on her birthday.

  • Coffee with Cait: The Joy of Missing The Boat

  • Coffee with Cait; Getting Better at Getting Happier

    In this solocast Cait talks about why she took a 2 month of break off her solocasts and how she's been working at getting better at getting happier.



    Bring in the things that make you feel alive.

  • The Energetics of Transformation w/ Kassia Meador

    California born and bred, Kassia Meador began surfing at age 14. By 17-years-old, Kassia was a sponsored pro-longboarder, traveling the world. Known for her graceful surf style, Kassia was crowned the "queen of noseriding" by the New York Times and in 2011 ranked 2nd on the WSL women's longboard ...

  • Mountains and Mom Life w/ Kate Ediger

    Kate is a mountain mama to her son Timber, she’s a leader in her community as the founder of Pit+Peak, an avalanche skills training company out of Revelstoke, BC. She’s also a Burton Snowboard ambassador and an advocate for the planet as a member of POW: Protect Our Winters. Surfer, skater, fly-f...