• 6-WEEK PROGRAM +Body.Mind.Spirit+

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    ♥ We start together on January 9th

    𝕋𝕙𝕖 𝟛 𝕊𝕥𝕖𝕡𝕤 𝕥𝕠 𝕊𝕖𝕝𝕗-𝕄𝕒𝕤𝕥𝕖𝕣𝕪
    1- Making a commitment to yourself
    2- Getting real and moving through the ‘not-so-easy’
    3- Surrounding yourself with motivating individuals

    Designed for everyone no matter where you are on your fitness journey this program is an opp...


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    It takes 21 days to create a new habit. Designed for everyone, no matter where you are on your fitness journey, an opportunity to tonify your body, and free-up your mind — Self-discipline offered on a silver platter. 5 teachers. 18 classes. 1 goal = Create new sustainable habits.

    ♥ 𝗧𝗵𝗶𝘀 𝗖𝗵𝗮𝗹𝗹𝗲𝗻...

  • JOURNEY TO INVERSIONS a Series of 9 Classes

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    🦋 40% off with code: HANDSTAND40 🦋 Yogis love to be upside down, and there are many reasons why! Inversions are a fun, energizing way to push your limits and break through fears, while helping your nervous system and blood circulation.

    This series is designed to explore 4 basic inversions:

  • HORMONES & CYCLE Workshop w/ Andrea Núñez

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    “I have intense cramping...” “I don’t understand why my sexual energy is so low” “I don’t know how to track my cycle because it's irregular.” “I’m exhausted and cranky in the morning.”

    Deep dive into the feminine body and on using its natural rhythms to heal, find balance and reconnect to your e...

  • Move & Breathe with the Pros Series

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    How do professional athletes train? Here’s your chance to move and breathe with our favorite women in board sports- people who literally shred for a living. From snowboarder, to surfer, SUP racer, longboarder, skier, kitesurfer and skateboarder- access the tools and tricks that keep these women ...

  • ✧THE RESET✧ 14-Day Guided Journey

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    In a world that constantly accelerates, our invitation is to slow down.

    This 14-day guided journey is an occasion for you to unwind, rest and reset.
    Pull the arrow back for a minute, so you can eventually launch further.

    Give yourself a break, ma'am. Yes you!

    If you feel uninspired, drained, o...

  • ALL THE FEMALE ORGASMS Workshop w/ Erika Alsborn

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    Understanding and Amplifying Our Pleasure
    By Erika Alsborn

    "I'm having a hard time having an orgasm with a partner."
    "I almost never come, is that normal?"
    "I feel shy exploring different sorts of pleasure because I'm unsure what's even possible...?"
    "I don't really know ...

  • SURFSKATE PROGRAM From Zero to Hero

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    Do you want to improve your surfing quicker or pick-up a new badass hobby? Surfskating might just be your new favorite thing! In this 7-step program, you’ll learn to surf on concrete; develop your techniques, correct you bad habits & posture, build muscle memories and unlock your maneuvers. You'l...

  • 28-Day Rewire Your Eating Habits Program

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    A detailed 4-week program that provides a weekly shopping plan, a mapped out cooking schedule, a collection of nutritious recipes (mainly plant based with the option to add in animal proteins should you desire), with empowering tips and tricks interwoven along the way to save time, save the plane...

  • YOUR DREAM LIFESTYLE // pt. 1 and 2

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    This workshop comes in a 2-part series.
    Hosted by Hana Jung

    Part 1 // CRAFTING A PLAN
    The first step on your journey to your dream lifestyle begins with having a clear vision - a roadmap that allows you to break it down into actionable steps. Without clarity, you’ll feel conf...

  • Get Started - Surf Training

    6 seasons

    You're new at working out and don't know where to start? This 3-week bodyweight program combines functional and core exercises that will enhance your mobility, strength and endurance. There's 3 workouts per week: a full body workout, an upper body workout and a lower body workout. For each one, w...

  • Get Started - Yoga

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    New to yoga? Great, we've got you! Here are 4 classes designed to help you start on the right foot. First with an intro to yoga philosophy, followed by simple sequences breaking down the basic postures and explanations on how to optimize your breath. Welcome :)

  • OVERCOMING FEAR IN THE SEA workshop w/ Bri Ortega

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    We all have fears in and out of the ocean. Although you might feel like you are the only one struggling with some wild internal dialogue when surfing or else, we assure you – you are not alone!

    How can we become masters of our minds, stop overthinking, and lower our anxiety in t...

  • MAMA PROGRAM: Journey into Motherhood

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    🌸 40% off with code: MAMA40 🌸 ‘It is said that women in labour leave their bodies... they travel to the stars to collect the souls of their babies, and return to this world together.'

    The journey of motherhood will rock your world forever. And that is why it is so important to feel supported as...

  • SALTY MAMA: *Ebook only*

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    ‘It is said that women in labour leave their bodies... they travel to the stars to collect the souls of their babies, and return to this world together.'

    The journey of motherhood will rock your world forever. And that is why it is so important to feel supported as you move through it.


  • THE ART OF JOURNALING workshop w/ Tara Ruttenberg

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    Find your creative voice and bring your stories to life in this live workshop!
    Dive into the art of journaling through inspiring writing prompts and practical tips to find your creative voice, bring your stories to life, and explore what ‘freedom’ means to you.

    Writing is a powerful avenue for ...

  • 8-Week Surf + Yoga Program

    6 seasons

    With five years of surf and yoga retreats under our belts and two years offering online classes, we’ve come to realize something: there are many women out there who wants to get moving, but who lack direction or tools to stay consistent. Sounds like you? This is exactly why we’ve designed this 8-...

  • 20/20 CHALLENGE

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    20 mins of daily movement, for 20 days... Yes only 20 min! SOUNDS DOABLE!?
    This is the challenge, and the "accountabili-buddies", you've been looking for. Make yourself proud amiga, 20 min to optimize your day, your confidence, your well-being.

    Everyday, one video. We will kee...

  • CRYPTO 101 Workshop w/ Phil Drolet

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    Over the past few months, you've almost certainly heard about cryptocurrencies. Some believe they're a once-in-a-generation investment opportunity. Some say they're a total scam. What to believe? In this 75 min workshop, we will demystify crypto together: what it's all about, what it's used for, ...

  • Introduction to Menstrual Cycle Awareness

    9 seasons

    This workshop series will introduce you to the power of your menstrual cycle; something that is definitely lacking from most female health education. Georgia Goodhew (@fempoweredflow) is here to help.

    Did you know we are hardwired to experience four distinct phases of our cycles and that each p...