JOURNEY TO INVERSIONS: a Series of 9 Classes

JOURNEY TO INVERSIONS: a Series of 9 Classes

Yogis love to be upside down, and there are many reasons why! Inversions are a fun, energizing way to push your limits and break through fears, while helping your nervous system and blood circulation.

This series is designed to explore 4 basic inversions:
Sirsasana, Tripod headstand, Pincha mayurasana and Handstand.

*We advise that you do the series in order, and take break days if needed. In each class you will find a breakdown of each inversion and accompanying drills to help you strengthen your body and mind in order to do them. A yummy yin practice is also included for whenever you need to stop and restore.

Made with love - it's time to flip your mind, and world, upside down!

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JOURNEY TO INVERSIONS: a Series of 9 Classes
  • INTRO ~ Journey to Inversions Series

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  • 1- Inversion Workshop (Sirsasana)

    We begin with exploring the first and basic inversions: sirsasana and tripod headstand, learning the right anatomical cues and breaking them down step-by-step to enter them safely.

  • 2- Inversion Fun Flow

    This flow is designed to put your feet in the air! It’s a fun flow, where a headstand here and there will pop up all of a sudden during the practice. Great to get energized with a rush of fresh blood to the head.

  • 3- Restorative Break

    Yin practice to relax our upper body after an inversion exploration. We will also set our minds to let go and process the fears we have overcome by going upside down!

  • 4- Drills to Strengthen Core + Arms

    Because inversions don’t just happen overnight, these drills will help to strengthen the upper body and to deeply understand muscle activation needed when inverted.

  • 5- Pincha Mayurasana Breakdown

    Pincha looks tricky, but being on your forearms can be quite a lot of fun. Let’s break it down and practice entering this inversion feeling safe and calm.

  • 6- Transition Yoga Flow

    Inversions can also be transitions. Let’s put them to work in this fun flow, where we will move in a juicy practice and apply the inversions we have learned so far.

  • 7- Handstand Workshop

    We are not used to standing on our hands, duh! So this workshop is meant to flip us over and change our perception of the world by introducing us to handstands and the proper alignment for them. We will also look through the different ways to enter a handstand.

  • 8- Handstand Preparation Drills

    Let’s break a sweat and get our bodies in shape for our handstand practice. In this video we will use a wall. Be ready to have your core and upper body burning!

  • 9- Learning to Fly

    Let's fly! This practice encompasses all the inversions learned throughout the course, mixed into a yoga flow that will really give you a feel for antigravity!