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  • OVERCOMING FEAR IN THE SEA workshop w// Bri Ortega

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    ♡ Live & Interactive Workshop ~ Replay Available After Event ♡

    Overcoming Fear in the Sea Through Creative Healing
    with Brianna Ortega from Sea Together Magazine
    October 16th, 2022
    11:30AM PST - 2:30PM EST

    We all have fears in and out of the ocean. Although you might feel like you are the onl...

  • THE ART OF JOURNALING workshop w/ Tara Ruttenberg

    1 video  |   Buy $9.99

    Find your creative voice and bring your stories to life in this live workshop!
    Dive into the art of journaling through inspiring writing prompts and practical tips to find your creative voice, bring your stories to life, and explore what ‘freedom’ means to you.

    Writing is a powerful avenue for ...

  • MAMA PROGRAM: Journey into Motherhood

    33 videos  |   Rent $29.99   |   Buy $99.99

    🌸 40% off with code: MAMA40 🌸 ‘It is said that women in labour leave their bodies... they travel to the stars to collect the souls of their babies, and return to this world together.'

    The journey of motherhood will rock your world forever. And that is why it is so important to feel supported as...

  • JOURNEY TO INVERSIONS a Series of 9 Classes

    9 videos  |   Buy $39.99

    🦋 40% off with code: HANDSTAND40 🦋 Yogis love to be upside down, and there are many reasons why! Inversions are a fun, energizing way to push your limits and break through fears, while helping your nervous system and blood circulation.

    This series is designed to explore 4 basic inversions: