21-DAY CHALLENGE // Monday July 8 🔥

21-DAY CHALLENGE // Monday July 8 🔥

It takes 21 days to create a new habit. Designed for everyone, no matter where you are on your fitness journey, an opportunity to tone up your body, and free-up your mind. 5 teachers. 18 classes. 1 goal = Create new sustainable habits.

H̲o̲w̲ ̲d̲o̲e̲s̲ ̲t̲h̲i̲s̲ ̲C̲h̲a̲l̲l̲e̲n̲g̲e̲ ̲w̲o̲r̲k̲?̲

SIX x 30 min classes a week . ONE play day!
You choose your time.

Our 360° approach alternates between

Strength Training
Shaping n’ Toning
Ginastica Natural
Breathwork + Meditation
and Recovery Yoga

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21-DAY CHALLENGE // Monday July 8 🔥
  • Day 1: FORM

    Mind & Muscle Connection | Let's relearn how to move the body through proper posture and alignment with conscious movements focussing on core stability.

    Equipment (optional): a Pilates ball (a pillow or rolled up towel also works!) + a chair or something to sit on. Light weights (under 1.5kg) o...

  • Day 2: STRENGTH

    Full Bodyweight Strength & Power. 7-7-7 The first seven reps occur in the first half of the range of motion (ROM), the next seven reps occur from the bottom part of the lift up to the middle and the last seven reps are performed at full ROM. The intention of this class is to create self-awareness...

  • You have untapped potential that would blow your mind

    Motivation speech with Erika - Week 1

  • Day 3: YOGA

    In this class, we'll flow through some mellow movement and gentle mobility work to free up any sticky spots, unravel any unnecessary tension, and encourage a sense of suppleness and fluidity in both the body and the mind. Think of this as preparation for your next training session!

    Props (optio...


    Complex Breakdown | Let's go back to a primal way of moving. Ginastica is the meeting of animal motion, Jiu-jitsu groundwork, yoga breath, and functional training.

  • Day 5: PODCAST | When You’re Craving Change

    It's your free day! Time to slow down, go for a walk, or relax and listen to this podcast.

    Some seasons arrive with torrential rain or blistering heat. Others arrive slowly, sweetly, over a stretch of time. Some naturally close on their own, sometimes with the change of weather, others you can ...

  • 4 Easy tips to master your morning and win your day

    Motivation talk with coach Cath

  • Day 6: STRENGTH

    Full Bodyweight Strength Time under Tension.
    40 sec of time under tension for each movement.
    10 sec hold, 10 sec slow, 10 sec hold,10 sec full range of motion.

    Playlist: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/2TPQLZj4l5lyK4MY5em3xL?si=246ad09473744975

    The intention with this class is to Create Self-...

  • DAY 7: BREATHWORK | Intro to breathwork

    Focus on tour breath and tap into the core of who you are.

  • Day 8: FORM

    Building on the form we learned during the first week of this challenge, we will move through different postures to challenge our mind-muscle connection even more. Our focus is maintaining consciousness of what muscles are meant to be activated and allowing those not involved to be at rest. This ...

  • The road to power and success is in taking responsibility

    Motivation talk with coach Cath - Week 2

  • Day 9: STRENGTH

    Express Power-Up | Full Body Remix Strength & Power Intervals. Creating Clarity for commitment. Commit to a small personal goal no matter how small the task.

    Playlist : https://open.spotify.com/playlist/7Dhsq2IAyppQY0BMEuqtAi?si=ac34c2dfb634459a

  • Day 10: YIN YOGA + MFR

    Yin Yoga + MFR for Tissue Rejuvenation | The harder you train, the "harder" you need to recover, so turn the dial down a notch in this class that combines the subtle + introspective practice of Yin Yoga with gentle self-massage techniques (MFR or myofascial release) to encourage healthy, hydrated...


    Fluidity | This routine can be really nice to do in the morning or as a warm-up. We are working on the quality of the movement, as well as mobility and fluidity -- rather than on speed and dynamism. Be water my friend.

  • You see what you already believe

    Motivation talk with coach Cath

  • Day 12: PODCAST | The Energetics Of Transformation

    Find Kassia's Crystal Sound Experience for The Salty Club here: https://watch.thesalty.club/move-breathe-with-the-pros-series/videos/crystal-sound-experience-w-kassia-meador

    California born and bred, Kassia Meador began surfing at age 14. By 17-years-old, Kassia was a sponsored pro-longboarder, ...

  • Day 13: STRENGTH

    Fun-ctional Body Blaster | Full Body Remix Strength & Power intervals.

    Equipment: 1 weight: a backpack with books inside works perfectly ;)

    Playlist: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/2NlkYd3qi22xLtoloRD1c4

    Creating love. Loving yourself starts with your daily habits. Your mind believes everyt...

  • Day 14: BREATHWORK

    Feel | Bring awareness to what needs to rise to the surface and unleash your inner rawness.

  • Building your inner champion

    Motivation talk with coach Cath - Week 3

  • Day 15: FORM

    Changing Shape | Woohoo! We made it! We're in the final stretch and we're turning the heat up. We will challenge the body to hold form and create deep core awareness through new shapes.

    Equipment (optional): Light weights (under 1.5kg) or canned food, water bottles, you name it, can also be used...


    Fierce Fest | Time under tension. Strength focusing on eccentric movements. Creating skill practice. Training the mind is a skill which requires practice. Train your mind to see good in every situation. Happiness of your life depends on the quality of your thoughts.

    Equipment: Bag filled wi...


    Less is more. This restorative yoga practice targets the nervous system and explores poses and techniques to help you downshift into a more parasympathetic state (or our "rest and digest mode") where recovery and healing can occur. These techniques and poses are great to do post-training or at th...


    Spider-woman | Letting the animal in you come out. Moving on all plans of motion -- we are 4 dimensional beings.

  • Day 19: JOURNALING PROMPTS & MEDITATION | The woman you've become