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DAY 7: BREATHWORK | Intro to breathwork

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21-DAY CHALLENGE • 7m 21s


  • DAY 7: BREATHWORK | Intro to breathwork

    Focus on tour breath and tap into the core of who you are.

  • DAY 6: STRENGTH | Hold, Move & Shake

    Full Bodyweight Strength Time under Tension.
    40 sec of time under tension for each movement.
    10 sec hold, 10 sec slow, 10 sec hold,10 sec full range of motion.


    The intention with this class is to Create Self-...

  • DAY 5: PODCAST | When You’re Craving ...

    It's your free day! Time to slow down, go for a walk, or relax and listen to this podcast.

    Some seasons arrive with torrential rain or blistering heat. Others arrive slowly, sweetly, over a stretch of time. Some naturally close on their own, sometimes with the change of weather, others you can ...