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Watch this video and more on The Salty Club

DAY 4: GINASTICA NATURAL | Complex Breakdown



  • DAY 3: YOGA | Mellow Movement + Mobility

    In this class, we'll flow through some mellow movement and gentle mobility work to free up any sticky spots, unravel any unnecessary tension, and encourage a sense of suppleness and fluidity in both the body and the mind. Think of this as preparation for your next training session!

    Props (optio...

  • REAL TALK 🔥 4 easy tips to master you...

    Motivation talk with coach Cath

  • DAY 2: STRENGTH | Fun & Fire

    Full Bodyweight Strength & Power. 7-7-7 The first seven reps occur in the first half of the range of motion (ROM), the next seven reps occur from the bottom part of the lift up to the middle and the last seven reps are performed at full ROM. The intention of this class is to create self-aware...