TRAINING ~ from Canada
"For me, training is 20% about the body and 80% about the mind. It's about getting ourselves ready for anything life throws at us. It's about building confidence, so what a new challenges arises, the little voice inside of us says; 'you can do this. You've been training for this.' When I discovered surfing, the fitness world made even more sense to me, as they go hand in hand. Training is challenging, but just like surfing, the answer is to make it fun and enjoy it.

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  • HIIT | Do yourself a favor

    Live Replay ~ An all-in-one, express HIIT class. Fun and sweaty; this class will make you stronger, feel good, get you out of your mind and will prepare you for life's inevitable challenges. No equipment needed, just your body and your good vibes!

  • HIIT | Más Suave

    An all-in-one, express HIIT class. Moderate Intensity Interval Training—fun, sweaty full body workout.