HONOR & RELEASE Workshop w/ Marie-Philippe Jean

HONOR & RELEASE Workshop w/ Marie-Philippe Jean

A 2023 Celebration Through Movement and Storytelling

We invite you to an end of year celebration with movement teacher and storyteller Marie-Philippe Jean! Unroll your mat and grab your favourite notebook, you are about to shed the old and welcome the new through breathwork, sound, movement and journaling.

The end of a year is a powerful moment to reflect on our past and current experiences, express new desires and celebrate our wins. In this 60-minute workshop, in this workshop we will tap into our body's intelligence and our heart's guidance to create space to feel, express and let go. Get ready to shake your body !

HONOR & RELEASE Workshop w/ Marie-Philippe Jean
  • A Short Introduction 🦋

  • Workshop: HONOR & RELEASE

    Full Honor & Release workshop with Marie-Philippe Jean.
    Bring a water bottle, a yoga mat, a pen and a notebook or paper.
    You can find the playlist she played here:


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