Introduction to Menstrual Cycle Awareness

Introduction to Menstrual Cycle Awareness

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This workshop series will introduce you to the power of your menstrual cycle; something that is definitely lacking from most female health education. Georgia Goodhew (@fempoweredflow) is here to help.

Did you know we are hardwired to experience four distinct phases of our cycles and that each phase can correspond with both the moon phases and the seasons?
Did you know you don't have to be on Hormonal Birth Control as your only option and you can learn to chart your body's signs to check your fertile window?
Did you know you can use natural healing practises to rid yourself of period pain instead of relying on drugs?
Did you know your menstrual cycle is the PERFECT way to tap into your creativity and receive feedback on what's happening in your life?

These are just some of the powerful menstrual cycle practises you can start to introduce into your life and begin to see changes in almost immediately.
This is the feminine power that we were never told about, but that ultimately rules our life.
This is the start of a new found deep inner love for yourself, for other women and for your important connection to the world at large.

Enjoy this introduction to the powers of Menstrual Cycle Awareness and prepare to fall in love with your bleed!

Introduction to Menstrual Cycle Awareness
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    Georgia Goodhew is a Menstrual Mindset Coach and founder of Going Menstrual (@goingmenstrual). She helps women create success by connecting with and harnessing the innate power of their cycles.

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