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Watch 5- Backside Turns

Watch 5- Backside Turns

5- Backside Turns

SURFSKATE PROGRAM From Zero to Hero • 2m 30s

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  • 6- Generating Speed on Frontside

    Learn how to generate speed on your frontside. Or in other words, learn how to pump. This way you can keep going forever, you never have to get off the board anymore to push yourself.

    Being able to generate speed on a wave, will automatically bring you to your next level as you will be able to ...

  • 7- Linking Turns Together

    Learn how to link it all together, combining generating speed with frontside turns with backside turns. Use your imagination to really surf the concrete. It also includes two extra exercises to challenge you to generate speed while turning.

  • Extra Exercise

    An extra exercise to learn how to generate speed. This will help you to understand how to use your hips, how to compress and decompress actively and how to use your arms.