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Self Development

Self Development

3 Seasons

Interviews and workshops to help you dive deep with yourself, uncover your truth and unlock your true potential.

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Self Development
  • Crystal Sound Experience w/ Kassia Meador

    Episode 1

    Sound ripples in your bones, your heart, your spirit. Let yourself be carried by California born and bred, Kassia, who was crowned the "queen of nose-riding" by the New York Times and in 2011 ranked 2nd on the WSL women's longboard tour.

    For her interview on the Energetics of Transformation : h...

  • Coffee with Cait: My 29th birthday breakdown

    Episode 2

    In this episode of Coffee with Cait; Caitlin talks about how her 29th birthday took an unexpected swandive, and the cool stuff she learnt through being miserable on her birthday.

  • Coffee With Cait; Everything I Got Wrong About Community

    Episode 3

    In this episode of Coffee with Cait; Caitlin reflects on how her idea of community and cohabitating has shifted over the years, as has her relationship with privacy and solidarity. She thinks about the concepts of boundaries; when are they truly serving us and when are they boxing in? And she ref...

  • Coffee with Cait; I'm Scared to Travel Post-Pandemic

    Episode 4

    In this episode Cait talks about how she realised while speaking to a friend that post-pandemic, she has a fear of traveling.

    Some corrections;

    When referring to Australia she says ‘the strictest border controls in the country’- she means ‘the strictest border controls in the world.’

    When she ...

  • Coffee with Cait; Some Word Medicine For The Slow Seasons

    Episode 5

    Maybe the pandemic shut down your plans, maybe you’re watching others seemingly pivot and reset their business sails as though without a hitch. Maybe you’re back living with your parents. Maybe you’re nowhere where you feel like you should be by now, or you feel like you keep putting in the work ...

  • Coffee with Cait; When It's Been A DAY

    Episode 6

    If you're feeling overwhelmed, over-stretched, tired, feeling put-upon and not really sure how you're going to make all the pieces of your life work today, I hope that this small solocast can help.

  • Coffee with Cait; The Vital Spaces in Between

    Episode 7

  • Coffee With Cait; The Problem With "Having it All"

    Episode 8

    We're taught to want it all. We see representations of women over and over, juggling it all, all at the same time. Great love life, great group of friends, health and fitness on point, a rich world of study and inquiry and self development, community, career and ambitions and family. We have many...

  • Coffee with Cait; When You're Craving Change

    Episode 9

    Some seasons arrive with torrential rain or blistering heat. Others arrive slowly, sweetly, over a stretch of time. Some naturally close on their own, sometimes with the change of weather, others you can actively change yourself.
    You can call in your next season slowly, if you like. You can also ...

  • Coffee with Cait; When You Wanna Grow But Also Be Where You Are

    Episode 10

    Coffee with Cait is back with a pickle as old as time; ‘I have some goals I want to reach and a lot of growing I want to do- but how do I throw myself into it without, you know, throwing myself out of ‘the now?’ How do I reach for improvement, without feeling like something is fundamentally wron...

  • Coffee with Cait; Shaking Up The Routine

    Episode 11

  • Coffee with Cait; Getting Better at Getting Happier

    Episode 12

    In this solocast Cait talks about why she took a 2 month of break off her solocasts and how she's been working at getting better at getting happier.

  • Coffee with Cait; When It's Time For Some BIG Changes

    Episode 13

    Caitlin is back with another solo episode of Coffee with Cait. A few months ago she recorded a podcast about how we can introduce microshifts in our day if we're feeling stuck or stagnant. Here, she changes gear and speaks about a recent big change she decided to make, and what to do when big shi...

  • Coffee with Cait; My Not-Marriage Marriage

    Episode 14

    In this episode of coffee with Cait, Caitlin finally has her new microphone (yay!) and is breaking it in by talking about her unconventional ‘marriage’ with her partner, Hugo, and talks a bit about living in Guatemala.

    She talks about the benefits of living apart versus living together, the cra...

  • Coffee with Cait; Yes, Other People Have It Worse. And.

    Episode 15

    In this weeks episode of Coffee with Cait, Caitlin speaks about why the 'other people have it worse' mentality doesn't really help us, and how we can hold the polarities of hopelessness and hopefulness always existing in the world at the same time without exploding.

  • Coffee With Cait; Changing My Mind on Everything, Everywhere

    Episode 16

    In this episode of coffee with Cait, Caitlin spends some time breaking down why she stopped sharing her stories as she used to, and freely speaks

  • Coffee with Cait: The Joy of Missing The Boat

    Episode 17

  • Coffee with Cait; “Happier, healthier and more likely to succeed.”

    Episode 18

    In this episode of coffee with Cait, Caitlin Creeper explores this quote from Jonathan Haidt and Greg Lukianoff

    You will be happier, healthier and more likely to succeed in pursuing your own goals if you; take a generous view of others and look for nuance, rather than assuming the worst about p...

  • Coffee with Cait; Big Dumb Complicated Pinterest Craft Projects

    Episode 19

    In this episode of coffee with Cait, Cait is reflecting on the delusion of eternal happiness while trying to put together a dumb complicated craft project she saw on Pinterest.

  • Coffee with Cait; When you're Feeling Unaccomplished

    Episode 20

    "I think of all the women

    I longed to become

    Yet when I did, I never fully let myself be there, before I turned my focus on the next thing.

    All I was yet to do

    All I was yet to become.

    And I think maybe, just maybe, I need to stand here right now, turn around, and see the woman I have built ...

  • Coffee with Cait; Every Day Definitely Isn't Valentine's Day in My House

    Episode 21

    On this episode with Coffee with Cait, Cait reflects on last week’s episode and sees where she has changed her mind, speaks about the unrealistic expectations surrounding Valentine’s day- and why it’s certainly not ‘Valentine’s Day Every Day’ in her house, and shares a peek behind the curtain at ...

  • Coffee with Cait; Releasing the Fantasy, Accepting the Reality

    Episode 22

    Where in your life and relationships are you holding onto a fantasy? Where are you holding tight-fisted onto how you wish it was, instead of how it really is? How is this hurting you and possibly those you relate with regularly? Can there be healing in letting that fantasy go and accepting and ch...