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Watch this video and more on The Salty Club

Watch this video and more on The Salty Club

8-Week Surf + Yoga Program

Tuesday - Training Part 2

8m 47s

Up Next in Week 2 & 4

  • Thursday - Restorative

    "You don't have to be fire for every mountain standing in front of you. You can be water and soft river yourself to freedom too."

  • Friday - Training Part 1

    HIIT [ 35 sec ON / 10 sec OFF ] You'll repeat the circuit 3 times (or more if you're looking for an extra burn :P), taking 1 min rest between each circuit.

    List of exercises:
    - Surfer burpees
    - Bear side + back tap
    - Squat toe touches
    - Jump lunges with twist
    - Crossover push-ups
    - Dolphin push...

  • Friday - Training Part 2

    HIIT [ 25 sec ON / 15 sec OFF ] Switch exercise at each interval. Repeat the circuit 2 times without rest between each circuit. *During the 15 sec rest, you can either rest or, if you want to increase the intensity of this workout, you can hold some exercises (as shown in the video).

    List of exe...