8-Week Surf + Yoga Program

8-Week Surf + Yoga Program

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With five years of surf and yoga retreats under our belts and two years offering online classes, we’ve come to realize something: there are many women out there who wants to get moving, but who lack direction or tools to stay consistent. Sounds like you? This is exactly why we’ve designed this 8-week surf+yoga program — to offer you guidance, and ultimately help you unlock your full potential.

This program alternates between bodyweight trainings & yoga practices. Our goal is to allow you to develop strength, fluidity, balance, flexibility, coordination, and mind-clarity –resulting in optimizing your physical And mental fitness!

If you're new to working out or to yoga, we suggest starting with the "Get Started" programs, and then coming back to this one.

8-Week Surf + Yoga Program
  • Hip Mobility

    Episode 1

    "My hip flexors are SO TIGHT" - Says everyone all the frickin' time. Let's oil up the whole hip joint with movement, stretching and conditioning. To be repeated often!

  • Full Body Stretch

    Episode 2

    Stretching is a key element to minimize tomorrow's soreness. Whether you've just finished a Surf Training or came back from a run, you need this.

  • Myofascial Release - Lower back, Hips & Quads

    Episode 3

    In this second session, we’ll focus on releasing tension around the low back and the hips and explore how these techniques can support us in our cross-training / self-care routines. Research supports the benefits of regular MFR as a way to enhance recovery, restore tissue integrity, manage pain, ...

  • Spine Mobility

    Episode 4

    Healthy spin = Healthy life.I hear people complain about their backpain all the time and yet, we so youuung! So here is MY GIFT TO Y’ALL! :)
    I think it isn’t a secret to anyone that our spine is the center cord of our body. Its range of motion is so impressive; it folds forward, and arcs backwa...

  • Myofascial Release - Neck, Shoulders, Upper Back

    Episode 5

    Myofascial release (MFR) refers to any manipulation of the soft-tissues, specifically looking at the muscles and the fascia. Allowing for great recovery, and reduction of tightness.

    You’ll need: 2 therapy or tennis balls, and a yoga block (or something similar). Towels, cushions, and/or a foam r...

  • Body Scan Meditation

    Episode 6

    Awaken from toes to head through the different power points of your body. Get ready to shine from the inside out!