TRAINING ~ From El Salvador
"I believe that creating healthy, mindful habits is a journey to be enjoyed, not a destination. Exercise and moving my body is a huge part of my life; it keeps my energy levels high and helps me be a more positively energized person. Rock climbing is my biggest passion, physical training and yoga are what keeps my feet on the ground ;)."

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  • Follow-along w: Luna ~ Full Body

    Follow along series. From the warm up - to finisher; We've got you! We'll execute 4 rounds of exercices that will tone your muscles -mostly the abs- while challenging the cardiovascular system... What else can you ask for!? :P We hope you enjoy it :)

  • Follow-along w: Luna ~ Booty Roaster

    Follow-along series. From the warm up - to finisher; we've got you! Those exercises target mostly the lower part of your body... by this we mean, get ready to enjoy the burn in your legs and booty! :P We will sculpt and shape all parts of your booty, how great is that!? If you are looking for an ...