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    Imagine waking up every day knowing that money is flowing into your bank account from multiple sources, and feeling confident in your ability to generate wealth.

    In this time and age, having various streams of income is something accessible. We hear the words “financial freedom” and wonder how w...

  • Vinyasa | Balancing Hot Flow

    ~ This class is part of the 6-week self mastery program : https://watch.thesalty.club/6-weeks-of-self-mastery ~

    A Vinyasa yoga practice inviting you to try balancing poses while breaking a nice detoxing sweat!

  • Vinyasa | Quick n' Energizing

    A 30 min practice to get your sweat on and your stress off. We will be moving with intention and juicing up the body through a powerful Vinyasa, adapted for all levels.

    ~ This class is part of the 6-week self mastery program : https://watch.thesalty.club/6-weeks-of-self-mastery ~

  • HIIT and BREATH with Cath

  • Surf-Style “On-Land” Workout

    No waves, no problem! Give this 20min workout a go. Bringing together alot of movements and motions we find in surfing. Fluidity, dynamism, power, tortion, speed and coordination.

  • Yin for Back Pain Relief

    "Damn, my back hurts" says everyone, all the time. Here I am to the rescue. Relief tension in your hip flexors and lower back to rest more peacefully.
    Sometimes we need to pull to arrow back, in order to shoot further.

  • Post-Run / Lower body Stretch

    Train smart + stretch smart = Less Injury / Better Recovery! Running is such an amazing way to train, explore, build cardio and endurance, but it can be quite abrasive if you aren't taking care of your body before and after. Here's the perfect lower body routine to incorporate in your training r...

  • Form | Slow burn

    The focus of this class is to create a powerful mind to muscle connection in order to build strength from the deepest layers out. This low-impact, high-intensity movement flow is designed to improve posture, alignment and core stability through graceful, yet bold moves.

    ~ This class is part of ...

  • Strength Training | Fit & Fun

    Equipment: a bag filled with light weights (books, cans...)

    ~ This class is part of the 6 Weeks of Self-Mastery Program : https://watch.thesalty.club/6-weeks-of-self-mastery ~