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    127 items

    See all

    127 items

  • Breakfasts

    31 items

    Healthy morning meals; to graze on during the weekends and others built as quicker grab-and-go options.

  • Main Courses

    35 items

    Wholesome homemade comforts, mainly plant-focused, to be shared with friends or enjoyed solo.

  • Small Plates

    22 items

    Nutritious flavourful noshes and nibbles to be enjoyed on their own or spruced up to stand-in as bigger meals.

  • Beverages
    12 items


    12 items

    New spins on old favorites and interesting alternatives to your usual drinks

  • Soups & Salads

    21 items

    Beautiful bowls to inspire well-being from the inside out.

  • Grab-&-Go Snacks

    20 items

    Healthy snacks for when you're on the move.

  • Sauces & Dips

    23 items

    Savoury sauces and dips, to add zip and flavour to a variety of plates and snacks.

  • Desserts
    12 items


    12 items

    Sweet treats to be enjoyed guilt free.

  • 28-Day Rewire your Eating Habits Program

    3 items

    *One-time buy product*

    A detailed 4-week program that provides a weekly shopping plan, a mapped out cooking schedule, a collection of nutritious recipes (mainly plant based with the option to add in an...

  • Nutritional Guides

    11 seasons

    Snippets of information to bring awareness to habits and choices that encourage optimal health and help save the planet along the way.