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Watch this video and more on The Salty Club

Watch this video and more on The Salty Club

Strength | Express Power-Up

30 min • 32m

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  • Breathwork | Body Regulation

    Regulate your body with these somatic exercises.

    This class is part of "The Reset : 14-day Guided Journey":

  • Form | Changing Shape

    We will challenge the body to hold form and create deep core awareness through new shapes.

    Equipment (optional): Light weights (under 1.5kg) or canned food, water bottles, you name it, can also be used.

    This class is part of the 21-day "Strong Body Strong Mind" challenge: https://watch.thesalty...

  • Form | Move in Alignment

    Our focus is maintaining consciousness of what muscles are meant to be activated and allowing those not involved to be at rest. This concentration on the details of the body's flow allows us to prevent injury and build strength and confidence in whatever motion we choose!

    Equipment (optional): ...