Here, the mama's of the Salty Club put it all on the table; our fears, our experiences, our realities- through conversations and interviews that peel the lid back on what pregnancy, postpartum and the path to motherhood can really look like. We hope you listen, laugh, commiserate and hopefully feel supported. ✨ For our specifically curated MAMA PROGRAM this way >> https://watch.thesalty.club/products/mama-program

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  • Bed Time Sound Bath ✨

    All day you carry around your body, thoughts and emotions. Use this meditation as a rocking lullaby before bed being swayed by the Tibetan bowl sounds. Wind down, you might fall asleep :).

  • Light & Ease Meditation

    When we tune in to a softer more peaceful awareness, whatever feels heavy, stuck or restraining can be released. A meditation made to reenergize you with light and ease.

  • Interview: Can I Surf When I'm Pregnant? With MC and Caitlin

    Just a few notes before we get started. This is MC, my cofounder, and I, Caitlin, talking about our own personal experiences with surfing. It was recorded a while back while MC was still pregnant We consulted our own birth care providers, we tuned into our own bodies, we weighed up the risk for o...

  • Identity Shifts and Emotional Challenges with Diana Freiwald

    Have you ever, throughout your motherhood journey, wether it be pregnancy, postpartum or just general motherhood, wondered if you're going crazy? Emotions are up and down, things that might not have bothered you before suddenly REALLY get to you, and some days you might not even recognize yoursel...

  • Mountains and Mom Life w/ Kate Ediger

    Kate is a mountain mama to her son Timber, she’s a leader in her community as the founder of Pit+Peak, an avalanche skills training company out of Revelstoke, BC. She’s also a Burton Snowboard ambassador and an advocate for the planet as a member of POW: Protect Our Winters. Surfer, skater, fly-f...

  • Prenatal Anxiety and Early Pregnancy with Marie-Christine Amyot

    In this raw, real and honest interview Salty Club Co-Founders Marie-Christine (MC) and Caitlin talk about MC's experience with prenatal anxiety and what the experience of finding out she was pregnant was like (hint; it's not always like the movies.)

    This was recorded in the earlier months of MC'...

  • Interview: Balancing Creativity, Career and Motherhood with Samantha Hunt

    Meet Samantha Hunt. Samantha was born in Zambia and traveled the world with her family from an early age. To date she has lived in fourteen different countries, so when people ask where she calls home, she is not sure how to answer this question. She guesses she is a Cali girl at heart and dreams...

  • New Paradigm for Motherhood with Rebecca Freeman

    Have you ever had the thought “I can’t because I am a mother” or “I need to wait until the children are older”?

    Meet Rebecca Freeman. Rebecca is the vision keeper for a New Paradigm for Motherhood. She activates women to create a New Paradigm for Motherhood that is based on a strong foundation o...

  • Choosing Your Birth Care With Diana Freiwald

    I this podcast Caitlin and Midwife Diana discuss some things to consider in the process of choosing your birth care.

    - Red flags to look out for
    - How to make empowered choices for yourself and your baby