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Watch this video and more on The Salty Club

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  • Upper body Basic 02

    HIIT [ 35 sec ON / 10 sec OFF ] You'll repeat this circuit 4 times, taking 1 min of rest between each circuit.

    List of exercises:
    - T's
    - Y's
    - W's
    - Push-ups
    - Leg lifts (with right leg)
    - Leg lifts (with left leg)
    - Crab toe touches
    - Dynamic horse stance (right arm + left leg)
    - Dynamic hors...

  • Upper body Bliss

    Equipment: 2 light weights (~ 2 to 5 lbs)

    Complete each exercise and the proper number of reps consecutively. Repeat the circuit 3 times. Take 1 min rest between each circuit.
    Focus on doing the exercises slowly, with control and at your own pace. This is why you won't hear the "ding" sound bet...

  • Warm up 10 min

    Complete this 10 minute warm up sequence to prepare your body for your workout.