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Watch 1- Inversion Workshop (Sirsasana)

Watch 1- Inversion Workshop (Sirsasana)

1- Inversion Workshop (Sirsasana)

JOURNEY TO INVERSIONS a Series of 9 Classes • 59m

Up Next in JOURNEY TO INVERSIONS a Series of 9 Classes

  • 2- Inversion Fun Flow

    This flow is designed to put your feet in the air! It’s a fun flow, where a headstand here and there will pop up all of a sudden during the practice. Great to get energized with a rush of fresh blood to the head.

  • 3- Restorative Break

    Yin practice to relax our upper body after an inversion exploration. We will also set our minds to let go and process the fears we have overcome by going upside down!

  • 4- Drills to Strengthen Core + Arms

    Because inversions don’t just happen overnight, these drills will help to strengthen the upper body and to deeply understand muscle activation needed when inverted.