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    15 videos

  • Self Development

    5 seasons

    Interviews and workshops to help you dive deep with yourself, uncover your truth and unlock your true potential.

  • Travel
    4 seasons


    4 seasons

    When we travel, we lose ourselves to find ourselves. We get lost in different corners of the planet, then find ourselves through experiencing different cultures, lifestyles, people and perspectives. Here we share inspiration and stories from around the world.

  • Creativity

    1 season

    What is a 'creative'? Someone with a desire to create. Wether you are a paid creative, just starting to get your toes wet, or simply have an amazing idea you’re dying to bring to life- this section is your sanctuary. Open your mind, break through barriers and refuel your creative juices with work...

  • Spirituality

    2 seasons

    Call it the human spirit, the soul, the universe, even your ‘inner whatever.’ You know there’s something bigger out there, and in there *taps head and heart*. Than the seen, tangible, topside world. You’re on a mission to explore your spirituality. So are we in this section.

  • Relationships

    3 seasons

    The quality of our relationships affects the quality of our lives. This section explores everything from intimacy to sexuality, connection, communication and community.

  • Career and Business

    8 seasons

    Stories, insights and workshops to support you and offer direction wether you’re starting your own business, building your passion project or chasing your dream position, from people who have blazed the trails.

  • Social Action

    1 season

    We are here to leave our mark. Hear the stories and learn from inspiring people enacting lasting social change and explore how you can too.