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    See all

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    Surf-inspired workouts that will make you move in different planes of motion in order to gain mobility, strength, balance and endurance.

  • Full Body
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    Full Body

    65 items

    Quick and efficient workouts designed to build strength and endurance while increasing your mobility, balance, coordination and core control.

  • Primal Movement

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    Ginastica Natural. Animal Flow. Primal Movement.
    Full bodyweight training method inspired from Brazilian jiu-jitsu, movement and breath from yoga, and animal motion from nature!
    Develop your coordination, agility, mobility, fluidity, core strength, power and absolute presence, making you a more ...

  • Legs & Booty

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    The largest muscles of your body are found in the butt and legs. Strengthening your lower body will allow you to improve your agility and balance as well as your overall performance in sports and daily functional activities. Enjoy the burn :P !

  • Abs on Fire

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    Having a strong core is way more than being able to show off your 6-pack; it's essential for a well-rounded lifestyle. It improves your posture, prevents back pain and helps you perform better in your favorite activities. Get your abs firing with these under-10-min circuits targeting the core mus...

  • Paddle Strength

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    Build muscle strength and endurance in your arms, back, chest, and shoulders with these Interval Training (HIIT) workouts focusing on the upper body.
    Next time you hit the water and paddle out, your arms won't feel like noodles ;)

  • Warm up
    6 items

    Warm up

    6 items

    Short sequences of movements to warm up your body for your workout.

  • Stretching & Mobility

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    Stretching improves recovery, flexibility and just lubs your body real good! Here are a few sequences to help your limbs, joints and muscles stay pain-free.

  • Get Started - Surf Training

    6 seasons

    You're new at working out and don't know where to start? This 3-week bodyweight program combines functional and core exercises that will enhance your mobility, strength and endurance. There's 3 workouts per week: a full body workout, an upper body workout and a lower body workout. For each one, w...

  • SURFSKATE PROGRAM From Zero to Hero

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    Do you want to improve your surfing quicker or pick-up a new badass hobby? Surfskating might just be your new favorite thing! In this 7-step program, you’ll learn to surf on concrete; develop your techniques, correct your bad habits and posture, build muscle memor...

  • STRENGTH with WEIGHTS series

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    Looking to sculpt lean muscle and challenge your strength a notch?
    Dive into our newest series of 8 classes offering dynamic weight workouts. Whether you prefer the convenience of home or the energy of the gym, these classes go wherever you go.
    Headphones on, Coach Cath is your private coach ;) ...


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    It takes 21 days to create a new habit. Designed for everyone, no matter where you are on your fitness journey, an opportunity to tone up your body, and free-up your mind. 5 teachers. 18 classes. 1 goal = Create new sustainable habits.

    H̲o̲w̲ ̲d̲o̲e̲s̲ ̲t̲h̲i̲s̲ ̲C̲h̲a̲l̲l̲e̲n̲g̲e̲ ̲w̲o̲r̲k̲?̲

  • Move & Breathe with the Pros Series

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    How do professional athletes train? Here’s your chance to move and breathe with our favorite women in board sports- people who literally shred for a living. From snowboarder, to surfer, SUP racer, longboarder, skier, kitesurfer and skateboarder- access the tools and tricks that keep these women ...

  • 20/20 CHALLENGE

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    20 mins of daily movement, for 20 days... Yes only 20 min! SOUNDS DOABLE!?
    This is the challenge, the discipline, the little kick in the butt, you've been looking for. Make yourself proud amiga, 20 min to optimize your day, your confidence, your well-being.

    Everyday, one video...


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    𝘼 𝙧𝙚𝙩𝙪𝙧𝙣 𝙩𝙤 𝙩𝙝𝙚 𝙬𝙞𝙡𝙙. To a functional and energizing way of moving. We don’t need machines; we are machines. Primal Movement (also known as Ginastica Natural or Animal Flow) is a training method that combines Brazilian jiu-jitsu ground moves, animal-like motion from nature and harnesses the power...