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  • Words of the Week // 4 🔥

  • W4: Monday- Full body HIIT

    Let's train with our friend from El Salvador, Luna! We'll execute 4 rounds of exercices that will tone your muscles -mostly the abs- while challenging the cardiovascular system... We'll end this workout with a very fun finisher that will burn your beautiful booty :) What else can you ask for!? :P...

  • W4: Wednesday - Powerflow

  • W4: Friday - Morning Flow

  • Upper Body Stretch

    Post-Surf or Upper Body magic. Shoulders, arm, back. To be able to surf until we have a lot of grey hair :D

  • Post-Run Stretch

    Train smart + stretch smart = Less Injury / Better Recovery! Running is such an amazing way to train, explore, build cardio and endurance, but it can be quite abrasive if you aren't taking care of your body before and after. Here's the perfect lower body routine to incorporate in your training ri...

  • Full Body Stretch

    Stretching is a key element to minimize tomorrow's soreness. Whether you've just finished a Surf Training or came back from a run, you need this.

  • Words of the Week // 3

  • W3: Monday - Booty Roaster

    Let's burn our legs and booty with this follow-along workout guided by our beautiful Salvadorian friend and trainer, Luna! From the warm up - to finisher; we've got you! We will sculpt and shape all parts of your booty, how great is that!? If you are looking for an extra challenge, you can always...

  • W3: Wednesday - Yin

  • W3: Friday - Ginastica Natural

  • Words of the Week // 2

  • W2: Monday - Warm-up

    Complete this 10 minute warm up sequence to prepare your body for your workout.

  • W2: Monday - Upper Body HIIT

    Equipment: 2 light weights (~ 2 to 5 lbs)

    Complete each exercise and the proper number of reps consecutively.
    Focus on doing the exercises slowly, with control and at your own pace. This is why you won't hear the "ding" sound between each exercise. If you need more time to complete the amount of...

  • W2: Monday - Finisher

    HIIT [ 25 sec ON / 10 sec OFF ] You'll repeat the circuit 3 times without rest between each circuit. Finish with a 1 min forearm plank hold or if you want to challenge yourself, a 1 min single-leg forearm plank :)

    List of exercises:
    - High to low plank
    - Superman 'Y' crunches
    - Side plank twist ...

  • W2: Wednesday - Morning Flow

    Let's say goodbye to morning stiffness in your joints and give them some juice for breakfast! This flow focuses on joint mobility, great to get the day and your energy running.

  • INTRO to Week 1🔥

  • W1: Monday - Warm-up

    Complete this 10 minute warm up sequence to prepare your body for your workout.

  • W1: Monday - Full Body HIIT

    HIIT [ 35 sec ON / 10 sec OFF ] Switch exercise at each interval. Repeat the circuit 3 times. Take 1 min rest between each circuit and hit replay to this video.

    List of exercises:
    - Step-out burpees
    - Knee push-up to plank
    - Floor touch to squat
    - Bear row
    - Roll back crunches
    - Figure 4 heel ta...

  • W1: Monday - Finisher

    AMRAP goes for: As Many Round As Possible
    Execute as many rounds as possible of the circuit listed in 7 min. To complete 1 round, you must execute all 4 exercises and their proper number of reps. *Keep track of the number of rounds you did so you can try to beat it the second time you do that wo...

  • W1: Wednesday - Morning Jam

    Short and sweet "jam" to get you started! Highly inspired by primal movement. Let's get loose.

  • W1: Friday - Fit test [ Exercises Preview ]

    Complete each exercise and the proper number of reps consecutively. Repeat for 3 to 4 rounds.
    Share the time of your best round in the Facebook group :)
    List of exercises:
    - 1 km of run
    - 50 X high knees (each side counts as 1 rep)
    - 40 X mountain climbers (each side counts as 1 rep)
    - 30 X lung...

  • Watch Me!

    Welcome! Here's something to put you in the mood. Let's do this!

  • Athlete Guide

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